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PAVIS joins global IP solution provider Questel

PAVIS announced that it will be joining Questel, after the IP solutions provider successfully completed the acquisition of PAVIS and Novagraaf.

Driven by a strong tech culture and broad IT expertise, the Questel group has been digitising and streamlining the IP industry for more than 40 years. As a result of both organic growth and 15 acquisitions made over five years, the group has expanded to include 1,500 employees in 37 countries, and to achieve a leading position in the provision of software and tech-enabled services on a global scale.

Moving forward, the companies’ shared vision is to further integrate knowledge and technology in order to offer clients a new way of managing their IP through tech-enabled delivery of services.

"More than 1,400 clients already enjoy and value our premium annuity service. With Questel’s international footprint and client-base, we can now offer our services to the global IP community in one fell swoop. Especially those Questel clients which already use their Intellectual Asset Management platform will greatly benefit from the reliability and efficiency of an integrated annuity service,” said Thomas Gruber, CEO at PAVIS.

Employees and management hold a decisive share in the capital of the company, whose valuation is approaching 2 billion euros.

“It is part of the Questel culture to give all the group’s employees, whatever their profession or their geography, the opportunity to become a shareholder,” explained Charles Besson, CEO at Questel.

In accordance with its business roadmap, Questel has also completed the acquisition of the remaining minority shareholders of the Munich-based Brandstock company.

About Questel

Questel’s mission is to facilitate the development of innovation in an efficient, secure, and sustainable way. Questel is a true end-to-end intellectual property solutions provider to more than 20,000 clients and 1,5 million users across 30 countries. We offer a comprehensive software suite for searching, analyzing, and managing inventions, trademarks, and other IP assets. Questel also provides tech-enabled services throughout the IP lifecycle, including prior art searches, patent drafting, brand protection, international filing, translation, and renewals. These solutions, when combined with our IP cost management platform, deliver clients an average savings of 30-60% across the entire prosecution budget.


PAVIS is a leading provider of IP management services worldwide. For more than 40 years, PAVIS has been a valuable partner for patent agencies, law firms and corporate IP departments with large IP portfolios. Innovative technical solutions, well-established procedures and a high degree of automation have made PAVIS into one of the most efficient and reliable IP management service providers. PAVIS has a focus on patent annuity payments, EP validations and trademark renewal, and also handles recordals of changes to patents, trademarks and designs.

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